This installment of how “The Universe Speaks” one identifies the absolute reliance man has on language and reason. One must also understand these capabilities are a gift and could not have occurred without Divine intervention.

It should be safe to assume that in order to communicate with others, words must have meaning. Otherwise, why would a person be willing to speak at others? Why write gibberish, if no one could read and understand it? No, the only plausible explanation is that a writer appears to think that the reader can understand what was written.We know that writing goes way back in time; to about 5000 years ago. Hieroglyphs and wall paintings go back even further, assuming that wall paintings were meant to be non-verbal communications. How would non-sentient creatures find a way to communicate non-verbally? What would create a desire to communicate in that manner? One would have to think abstractly to create this type of communication. Why would anyone think about performing non-verbal communication without first recognizing one had the ability to do such a thing?

This leads to another question about anticipating the need to do non-verbal communication. But because man currently thinks cognitively even examples from the past such as smoke signals and signal fires being used for protection seem quite natural. It’s when one try’s to determine how this capacity to communicate non-verbally and to reason began that one finds a true stumbling block.

Evidence from the distant past shows the ancients used non-verbal communication with wall paintings. Man continued forward, moving through hieroglyphs, to the time that a phonetic alphabet was developed. This alphabet simplified reading and writing, with letters representing specific sounds that man can make. Much has been written about this subject. The problem is these writers all slant the evidence toward evolution.

In today’s world expressing one’s ideas through writing is taken for granted and it has taken on multiple formats. With them one can make a valid point about man’s capacity to incorporate new ideas and concepts only because the gift to do so had Divine origins. Three examples of this, which have striking similarities but, are not limited specifically to writing, can help us identify this God given ability. Astute observations about them should provide us with the necessary evidence to show us this capability didn’t appear through evolution.

The first piece of evidence comes through the use of an emblem. This particular emblem was used in the auto industry. In the era of ‘muscle cars’ Chevy used the emblem “SS” to designate high performance versions of their car models. After doubling the letter S, their emblem usually included the cubic inches of the engine. Generally it was expressed as an “SS 396” or “SS 427”. This double S represented the first two letters of the words Super Sport. However, the full title “Super Sport” is never included; it’s always called an “SS” and it’s still a highly recognized designation to car aficionados.

The second example takes on the form of a symbol. Sadly, it has an evil connotation that certainly conveys its message, evoking varying degrees of emotion.  This symbol was used by a particular German Nazi Troop during World War II. It’s universally known as “The SS” and they simply used two lightning bolts that resembled the capitol S. The double S lightning bolt symbol originally stood for the German word “Schutzstaffel,” which meant “Protection Squad.”  Few people recognize those troops as part of a protection squad; rather, they are remembered as a ruthless and feared military corps. Today with current German statutes, the Rock and Roll Band “Kiss” had to alter the lettering style of the “KISS” icon in German advertising because their double S to closely resembled the double lightning bolts.The third type of evidence is displayed on road signs. This road sign, which has elements of both emblems and symbols, tells drivers that a road is slippery when wet. However, what it says isn’t exactly what is seen. What one sees while viewing this sign is the drawing of the rear view of an automobile at the top of the sign. Under it are two squiggly lines extending downward from the back tires with each looking like a capital S. So once again, we see a non-verbal “SS.” When actual words are used in the sign they come last and simply states, “When Wet.” The squiggly lines could be thought to represent the letter S and are a designation for the words slippery and surface. The common inference rests on the idea that the automobile is “fishtailing” exactly because the road surface becomes slippery when it’s wet. It’s amazing how such a complex sign is exquisitely simplified by using the minds capabilities.

All three of the instances above show how the mind automatically makes instantaneous inferences to provide understanding to what is seen. Why is that the case? How does a representation of one thing, “that looks like,” but really isn’t becomes something else entirely. That really complicated and yet, at the same time, doesn’t become a convoluted mess. Now that’s real multi-tasking.

Each one of these examples depicts the unique capacity of man’s mind. While looking at the three examples in total, with their similarities and differences, one sees how far man goes beyond the abilities evolving animals could ever attain. Considering how each case is so different, this ability to understand how those squiggly lines mean something specific to the world is nearly unimaginable. Yet everyone so easily and naturally understands what is seen or read that no one normally questions the authenticity of those little squiggles or how we understand them.

As has been noted before in Part 3, it’s interesting that right now people are either disagreeing or agreeing with the culmination of what the squiggly lines in this article are saying. As one makes these valuations and choices it’s easy to ignore this significance fact, this is done without ever consciously thinking about doing it. Yes, there is more to life than those unreasoned explanations being provided to mankind in the “modern era.” Claim’s that man mysteriously uses a complex set of chemical reactions within the brain as the justification for how their claims about how mankind came to have thoughts. Add to that, the humanist’s inability to develop any cognitive understanding of a mind/ brain distinction, puts them at a distinct disadvantage.

Actually, man’s ability to communicate through such a varied and complex set of conditions is a gift from the Creator. To provide additional support for that statement, just go back to Part 3 of this article. Add in mans ability to reason and one has established how the mind’s thought processes far exceed what would be needed for a humanist’s pronouncement of “the survival of the fittest.” The misguided concept supporting this survival claim is essentially that “might makes right.” Regretfully, in their world view, that’s about all that life boils down to.However, God’s gift puts mankind in an entirely different level of existence than the rest of the created world or the one portrayed by evolution. The capacity to read and write with an ability to reason gives man the capacity to evaluate the rightness or wrongness of various thoughts, ideas and concepts. Now that’s amazing and worthy of thanks.

With that, all that’s left for Part 5 is to provide a concluding summary of what, “The Universe Speaks,” has said.

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