and exists for two reasons. First and foremost is to effectively present and defend (called Apologetics) the gospel message to a fallen/lost world. The second reason is to help fellow believers by providing them with the necessary tools so that they too can confidently go out and do likewise.

Christian Apologetics is simply defined as, “Defending the Faith.”  In the culture we live in today, there is a need to be able to defend our faith as one goes out and offers the gospel message of salvation to others.

Physical evidence and Biblical evidence isn’t always enough to persuade others of God’s existence and of every man’s need for salvation.  Sometimes to be persuasive you must show folks the inadequacy and inconsistencies of their views of the world we live in.  One can then effectively introduce the Christian world view and explain how it describes and fits with the conditions of this world. Ambassadorships can provide you with the tools to do just that.