The assertion that there was never a Big Bang has been made and it’s in need of detailed evidence supporting that argument. The big bang theory has fundamental flaws that explicitly show why it is not a viable explanation for how the universe came to be. The word viable was specifically chosen because it plays a major role in the refutation of the Big Bang Theory.

The keys for exposing the flaws, in the progression, of the Big Bang theory are found in the pronouncement of two words and their accompanying definitions. They get the ball rolling so to speak. The two words and their definitions are: Abiosis and Sterile.

Sterile:  Failing to produce or incapable of producing offspring;                             free from living organisms and especially micro-organisms.1

Abiosis:1). The absence or lack of life, a nonviable state2                                      2). A nonviable condition or a situation incompatible with life3                  3). Etymology: A noun, is of Greek origin and can be                                     understood by splitting it into A – BI – OSIS

  • The Prefix A- means ‘absence of’ or ‘without’ or ‘lack of’ or ‘not’.
  • The combining form BI- is a variant of Bio- before a vowel and is derived from the word bios which mean “life” or “living organism
  • The suffix –OSIS, often corresponding to nouns ending with osis, denotes a “state” or “condition”.

Therefore, abiosis can be defined as a state or condition indicating the absence or lack of living organisms or life.4             4). (Abiotic, adjective – Nonliving5)

Interestingly, while researching these definitions one particular description of the word reoccurred frequently. In those definitions the Greek prefix A- was not translated (remember it means “without” or “not”) and Bio- was translated as “living”. The suffix osis- was translated as “way”.  This renders the meaning of the word Abiosis as “without a way of living”.  This is exactly the condition one would expect after an event as large, enormous, and stupendous as a Big Bang theory would have people believe.

In relation to the naturalist’s theories regarding life, the universe, and everything, the Big Bang starts out as a compact ball of matter. There is a huge explosion that dwarfs anything and everything ejecting this supposed matter throughout space. This space, where ever it might have come from, along with enough time, wherever that might have come from, allows the spewed matter to coalesce and “voila” our universe came into being.

Words have meaning and the ideas which are represented by words have meaning to. Take for example the French word “voila” while Americans think of it in relation to magic tricks it actually means “here it is”. This concept that words really do mean something is essential and isn’t as consistently adhered to as some might believe. What one must look closely at now includes the use of the words sterile and abiosis as they relate to a definition of the Big Bang.

It is important to recognize that a universe that coalesced after a Big Bang would mean the universe is in a state of abiosis. It would mean that everything there is, is completely sterile and incapable of sustaining life let alone creating it. The humanists themselves probably wouldn’t have an argument about the universe’s beginnings being a sterile environment but this is only true up to a certain point. Their real problem gets swept under the carpet and is kept hidden from public consumption. The problem becomes evident when they try to say an entirely sterile, abiotic universe could by some unimaginable means produces non-sterile, biospheric conditions.

There could not be any non-a-biotic condition. There are no known ways imaginable to generate a life sustaining environment out of a complete totally abiotic universe, it defies reason. Reason and reasoning are generalized terms that incorporate all of the ways one uses thought and communication along with the formal processes like logic to describe how mankind thinks about things. These processes need to meet standards. Coherence and consistency are two very important standards that naturalist’s have sometimes conveniently brushed aside when their theories don’t measure up. To say that the universe was able to miraculously create a biosphere out of a abiotic universe is no less miraculous than saying that The Creator created the world out of nothing.

In The Universe Speaks_Part 3 this ability to reason and the need for maintaining standards will be more closely looked at. The idea that one can ignore the rules for properly communicating and being honest, truthful and forthright will be examined.



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