I will venture a guess and say most people understand the Christmas adage, “The reason for the season.” I appreciate the idea of reminding people during the commercialized ‘Holidays’ of the need to think about the Christ of Christmas. The birth of Jesus our Emmanuel (God is with us) should turn everyone’s thoughts toward the historical Jesus and what His death and resurrection did for us. His sacrifice did something that we couldn’t do for ourselves.

Think about it. God came down to his creation as an infant, born of woman. He became a flesh and blood man.  Jesus, who was sinless, then became our atoning sacrifice on the cross. His shed blood was for our redemption, which was the ultimate, one of a kind, sacrifice. Jesus did the work, making the path for our relationship with our Creator possible, His subsequent resurrection point’s mankind toward having real and eternal life, beginning here and now.

But in today’s world something has gone wrong. What we know to be “The Good News” is being attacked. What is particularly disgusting about the current commercialized holidays is the politically correct idea of using the term ‘happy holidays’ instead of saying ‘Merry Christmas’ for fear of offending someone. This issue can be resolved by directing our attention to the differences between the terms, offense given and offense taken.

Understand who bears responsibility within the context when someone proclaims Merry Christmas in a public setting. When someone says Merry Christmas in the context of a greeting it is an exclamation offering to share mutual enjoyment in life. There is no intention to offend anyone; actually, quite the opposite is true. Saying Merry Christmas is intended to spread happiness. Contrarily, there are antagonists who take offense at the wish for having a Merry Christmas.

A regrettable situation is then foisted into the public sphere by those who take offense when none is given. Any attempted resolution, short of not using the term Merry Christmas with those who take offense, will fail before it begins. Offended claimants refuse all options or even having no conversation is allowed to breach the subject even though their claims are baseless. Regrettably, their misery won’t be complete until everyone else is as miserable as they are.What’s more is that their hatred for God is on full display and the current social norms don’t appear to have the internal fortitude to call them on it.

These individuals and the groups they support will continue to be offended with the ‘Merry Christmas’ greeting. If there ill conceived rhetoric is not confronted, it won’t stop there. They will not be satisfied until no one can say anything about God publicly. They refuse to see that they in fact are worshiping the anti-god and serving the entity we commonly refer to as Satan.

While some may scoff at this assertion it remains true. Atheists deny the existence of God. That is saying they are anti-God. Satan is anti-God; you could even say he is the anti-god. Both Satan and the atheist’s objectives are the same. An atheist will deny it, but if their objective is the same as Satan’s, they are serving Satan’s purpose. Atheists’ are worshiping Satan by proxy if you want to say it that way. Coincidentally, the atheists couldn’t be more wrong. I have authored a book titled, “A Conversaunt Existence” that proves by formal argumentation that God exists. (Go to for more information.)

Since there is no middle ground with those whose proclivity is to be offended, I say the rest of us are left with only one option. One can and should go right on saying,“Merry Christmas.” Not meekly either, but be loud and proud while saying it. I’m not suggesting one goes over the top and becomes rude about it. But, I think acknowledging the Truth that Jesus came to this world to die for our sins is the ultimate “Good News” and I have every right in this country to proclaim it and hope that everyone is merry or becomes merry because of this “Good News.” There is even a Christmas carol that states, “Go tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere. Go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ is born.”(Compiled by, John Wesley Work Jr.)

In closing I want to sincerely wish you and yours a blessed and very Merry Christmas. I will also be greeting others with this same, sincere Merry Christmas wish,especially when those others wish me happy holidays. I might just do it loud enough and proud enough for a store’s upper management to hear me. Who knows it might even spread a little “Joy to the World.” (Written by, Isaac Watts.) After all, our job as Christians is to spread the “Good News.”


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