The subject matter of this post is related to the 5 part article previously written here at netcastblog.ambassadorships.net titled, “The Universe Speaks .“ The summarization of it argues that evolution is impossible. When one considers the elements of Sterility and Abiosis in a universe void of life and the conditions for life, it provides proof that macro evolution didn’t occur. Micro evolution (changes within a species) is an entirely separate proposition. It can be ongoing in various ways but is not a part of this conversation.

This new essay adds details to the determination that there was never a life form that was incidentally or accidentally established. There is more than one reason why no one should suppose that spontaneous generation is possible. First, ‘if’ one assumes that the world started with a big bang and then at some future point in time the right conditions for generating life existed, ‘then’ the possibility of those same conditions for self-generating life should still be possible today. Furthermore, a continuation of these life generating occurrences should be happening today in the same manner as when that first process began.

To try and say that it was a one-time accidental event is dodging an unsolvable question regarding any consistency of the position that life has the ability to self-generate and thrive. Any attempt to claim that the world changed and is now a world which is strictly compatible to sustaining life will not suffice. That position creates a new untenable problem regarding an early world transitioning from being a generator to being a sustainer. What would it take to make that transition? It couldn’t happen instantaneously and it couldn’t happen at the specific moment that life, in an abiotic world, began. Therefore, life would not survive even if had begun in that fictitious manner.

What this argument is saying is that an abiotic world could not sustain life even if life was somehow self-generated. The means for survival would have needed to be available at the same time as life itself. The ability to survive in any other conditions is impossible. After all discussions are said and done, there is one further hurdle that the evolutionary track cannot overcome. A universe devoid of life and the conditions to incorporate life and sustenance would have no trigger mechanism to change those sterile conditions to give life a chance.

Let’s be serious. If this impossibility happened and life self-generated out of non-living matter known as, “the primordial ooze” this new life form would have to miraculously find a way to live off of this inert matter. To then have this life form somehow transform and suddenly become able to garner sustenance through any other means, like absorbing or ingesting other life forms, is just another in a long line of impossibilities. Where would that second life form come from? If the first life form’s existence is impossible, a second would be a very hard pill to swallow.

No, life did not happen by chance. There was a Creator, Designer that spoke the world and everything in it into existence. The Holy Scriptures go on to tell us how that spoken Word became flesh and dwelt among us. That Word was Jesus Christ and ultimately His sacrifice gives us the only hope for salvation because man certainly can’t save himself.

Mankind’s ability to transcend and critically observe the world he lives in, as well as having this observable world to live in itself, are all the work of God. Life could not have occurred by pure chance. The spontaneous generation aspect put forth by naturalists should still be active today. The means to provide any life a way to survive and regenerate needs a completely different set of miraculous and concurrent occurrences.

Sorry, but no; this world is an orderly world that screams out loud and clear about its Creator – the God over all the universe and His Son, Jesus Christ. It is just so sad that so many people use a God given gift, their rational mind, to deny their Creator’s graciousness.

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