This title is actually a very old phrase with a bunch of connotations. However, it does make an inference that is objective – that there is truth. The essential element is that one is to speak the truth. Speaking “The Truth” seems to have become a fuzzy issue for our society in the 21 century. (Understand I am not including true believers in Jesus Christ in that assessment.) But since the enlightenment of the 1700’s there has been a steady procession away from there being ‘the truth’ toward everything becoming subjective or relative.

 This began with the philosophers that came after Soren Kierkegaard. They misinterpret Kierkegaard’s positions and proclaimed that truth is subjectivity. This became known as Existentialism. After the existentialists, along came Modernism and it digressed with the proposition of truth is relative. Add into this mix, the domination of the scientific academia, with the subsequent denial of this world having a creator, and the situation has only deteriorated.

Post-modernism came on the philosophical scene about 75 years ago and it has become the penultimate position of the academic class and more recently society in general. It has embraced the main idea of post-modernism, where each person has their own truth individually. The concept reached critical mass and has succeeded in becoming the standard for deciphering any truth. In today’s world, with its atheistic spokespersons, almost every field of higher education and media promotes the post-modern position. This includes movies, television and all of the mainstream news outlets including TV, newspapers and magazines; no wonder the onslaught has overwhelmed the sane folk among us.

The inclusion of the concept of ‘sane folk’ is being used because there are people who continue to hold onto a set of moral beliefs. They aren’t necessarily believers but they won’t give up the concept of right and wrong. It is known and provable that in order for there to be a right and a wrong there needs to be someone from outside the human experience to be able to tell mankind what is right and what is wrong. That someone, the Creator, needs to know “The Truth” objectively. If there isn’t a Truth giver there is no way to establish any meaning to either, what is right or what is wrong. There is only ‘What is’ and there can’t be a ‘what ought to be.’ That is actually what Kierkegaard was proclaiming.

Our society’s elites seem to think they can tell everyone else what is right and wrong based on their understanding but it carries absolutely no weight. Their best informed guesses are biased and ultimately only the overall strategies of the survival of the fittest and might makes right will remain. Those still sane among us don’t believe that way to live is a good idea or conducive to survival, (unless you individually have the power to subjugate everyone under you), which appears to be a major objective of Satan.

Believers need to be made aware of this particular topic. It is the basis of current mainstream thought. It is the reason our society is beginning to incorporate a new phrase into the vocabulary. Its conception is vile and disingenuous. The new phrase being bantered about in the past few years is subtle but significant. One needs to be listening closely to catch the phrase being used and to understand its devastating consequences. This phrase is short but powerful in its insidiousness. The phrase stated simply is someone saying, “my truth.”  I’ve heard it used in a variety of circumstances, some are using it intentionally with the knowledge of its dire consequences. Others may just be imitators and a final group may be using it to show how smart they are.

Regardless, in every case that the phrase ‘my truth’ gets used the speaker is denying the existence of “The Truth.” The problem for them is once you deny there being such a thing as ‘The Truth,’ it is gone in totality. ‘The Truth’ is either true for everyone or else it isn’t ‘The Truth’ period. So any time someone uses the phrase ‘my truth’ they are trying to sell you the reader or listener “A Bill of Goods.” It doesn’t meet the criteria of correspondence or coherence, necessary for determining facts or reality. To say a precept is ‘true for me’ denies the existence of truth by definition.

Any individual attempt to make this phrase acceptable terminology has satanic influences written all over it. After all, the Bible (all Biblical Quotes will be from the NASB) tells believers in Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Satan has done a fair job of getting people to deny his existence. Now Satan is succeeding in having people get to the point that they deny the existence of “The Truth.” Mankind, in large measure has jumped on board with this plan. Unregenerate man, conceited and self-absorbed, is hell bent on destroying God’s world with a false utopia that will never be.

Let’s go back to the original phrase and title of this article. Understandably, “Truth Be Told” has a religious connotation to it, with good reason. All of the Holy Scriptures were written with the understanding that there is a God, that there is right and wrong and that there is ‘The Truth.’ Furthermore, the Bible has proclaimed that Jesus Christ is “The Way, the Truth and the Life.” For believers ‘The Truth’, Jesus Christ, is to be proclaimed throughout the world, quoting Matthew 28:19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

So the next time you hear that ugly, horrid phrase, ‘my truth,’ raise a holy stink about how universally damning it is to anyone who proclaims it or believes such nonsense. It is the believer’s duty to reject and condemn this unholy wording anytime it is uttered.