The basis of this article was previously posted in an earlier, 2016 rendition of It is being resurrected because the world today is full of current events that depict the insanity from secular, socialistic, satanic influences. The case can be made that the diabolical progressions of the anti- God movements need to be exposed and refuted.

I could have used a title with an abbreviated form like “AGM Inspections” depicting the basic idea of confronting those Anti-God Movements. After all, now days these alphabet abbreviations are regularly used. But it isn’t a really catchy phrase, and so the old “Froggy Review” title it is. In future articles when you see a picture of a frog drinking coffee and reading a book you can be certain the blog is dealing with today’s current events.

It seems like a good idea to let the readers know how this title Froggy Review came into being. Yes there are reasons why it was created and chosen to be an alert system at this blog. So without further ado, here is the explanation how the Froggy Review came into existence:

While teaching an adult Sunday school class I came up with an idea to include some current event remarks at the beginning of each class time. It was just a quick way for everyone to be kept abreast of the goings on in our community, our state, our government, and our world. I thought a good title for this short time of review should be called, “The Froggy Review.

The specific reason this name was chosen is it identifies the position where we Christians have stood by on the sidelines and watched our country and its people succumb to the morass of moral degradation. This comment sounds a little strong handed unless one considers two additional points.

The first point addresses the fact that Christianity has a legitimate claim of knowing the difference between right and wrong. Christians believe that our Creator has provided us with the Bible and it gives us the standards necessary for living a proper and right life style, even though we haven’t lived up to it. This is just a longer way of saying we know what is right even if we do something wrong. (Point to remember; Jesus was the only perfect person to have ever lived, and the world crucified Him.)                                    

In today’s non-believing world, one that operates under the guise of post-modernism where there is no way to legitimize and justify any claims about how anyone should live. The best their system can come up with for determining what is right and what is wrong comes from the naturalistic, scientific model of, “Only the Strong Survive” which leads directly to the adage, “Might makes Right.” That’s not a very secure way to try and exist in this world, especially if you disagree. 

The second point comes from an observation about frogs. Before describing the gruesome details it needs to be said that it was someone else who discovered this species trait.  Yes, for those who have guessed it, the discussion involves a frog and a pan of water.

When a frog is placed in a pan full of tepid water sitting on a stove, it doesn’t feel any need to jump out. If someone turns the heat on under that pan and then, ever so slowly, brings the water up to a boil, it will cook the frog alive. The frog cannot distinguish the slow change in temperature and will not jump out until it is too late.                                 

Christianity has acted a lot like the frog. Sure sometimes people have brought up details of how our society/world is deteriorating. But to a large degree the past 100+ years have seen a steady decline.  Since the Scope’s monkey trial this decline has only increased in velocity until today. Christianity should have been a huge baricade and wall working against this oncoming quagmire. Every time the world took another step in the wrong direction, Christians should have throwing a huge monkey wrench in their plans.

Regretfully what eventually happened was that each individual step was not seen as making any huge changes. The tiny miss-step remained, later another incremental step was allowed, and then another, to the point where today the little monkey on our collective back has become a huge gorilla. A gorilla is a lot harder to deal with than that monkey would have been. But that doesn’t mean Christians are not supposed to engage in the battle to defeat it.

Now is the time, now is our opportunity to, “fight the good fight” as the Apostle Paul has said. The “Froggy Review” will be a tool to help readers identify where the battles are being waged. Just look for the posts with a picture of the little froggy friend in them. This indicator of current events may also be retrofitted onto some of the older posts that address these same problems and evils.