It’s time to revisit a previously completed article, which has important new information to add to it. This new information has ramifications that will utterly destroy the long held biased positions of skeptical scholars and archeologists.

There is a pertinent saying that’s been going around in the field of Biblical Archeology. It speaks critically of the minimalist’s point of view; those who doubt and reject the reality of Biblical timelines, persons, and authorship, all the while performing their own archeological excavations. Today, that saying is more profoundly true than ever before. This statement reads, “An absence of evidence is not an evidence of absence.” Subsequently, new excavations have repeatedly proven the Bible is historically accurate and true.

The title of a prior article, written in early 2019, dealing specifically with this observation was, “DECLARATIONS OF ENCOURAGEMENT.” While I believe the reader’s best course of action would be to go back and first read or re-read it. However, I will give a super short summary to parts of that article here.

Part2.5: Research found that very old Biblical commentaries stated the belief that Moses had written much of Genesis while he was in Midian even before the Exodus.  Biased future scholars later denounced these old authors and the belief they held about the authority of the Biblical texts and its authors. Then in 2018 an Egyptologist, Dr. Thomas Schneider, published a work about an ostracon, a pot sherd used to write on, which contains a Semitic Abecedary, the written proto-Hebraic ABC’s. It was found in a tomb that dates back to 1450 B.C. This provides ample evidence for Moses, living at that time, being able to read and write.

Part 2: Speaks of another finding of proto-Hebraic writing. This writing was found in an Egyptian turquoise mine in the Sinai Peninsula. Its origin was probably written by an enslaved Israelite miner. It has also been dated to pre-exodus times.  This shows the skeptics that Moses wasn’t the lone Israelite with the ability to read and write. As was said previously, it is a good idea to go back and read the entire series of articles titled, “DECLARATIONS OF ENCOURAGEMENT.”

Now let’s move onto the latest developments through recent archeological finds. Truly, newly uncovered archaeological evidence has time and again confirmed the accuracy of the Bible. With this just published new find, it is exciting to witness how once again the biased scholars are proven wrong. This time it appears that these doubters have had a stake driven through their presupposition.

Recently, on March 24, 2022 to be precise, a significant archeological find, was released to the press. The artifact was found at an excavation on Mount Ebal. I don’t think it is too strong of a term to say, “This changes everything.” The find was discovered in relation to the altar used for the blessings and cursings found in Deuteronomy 27 and28. Then in Joshua 8 it tells how Joshua fulfilled all of the requirements Moses had proclaimed.

This archeological find actually occurred in late 2019, but with the whole world ‘shutting down’ due to Covid, details weren’t announced at that time. What was found is a small lead tablet, which had been folded in half. In it was written the name of Yahweh in an ancient, proto – Hebraic script. What makes this find remarkable is that it is the oldest proto – Hebraic writing of the Name of God found in Israel. It only used three letters, YHW, but they were written 200 years earlier than any other found inscription. There is a lot of evidence concerning the providence of this lead tablet and inscription therein. This information may alone become a future article here at netcastblog.ambassadorships.net. But what is truly astonishing is how it is a rebuttal that can be used to negate the position of those who are opposed to the early date of Hebrew literacy while providing archeological documentation of the Bible’s veracity. 

It confirms the position that Moses is likely the author of the Pentateuch and that Job was written for the expressed purpose of encouraging the Israelite slaves; that they hadn’t been abandoned by their God, Yahweh, the SELF EXISTENT ONE, in Egypt.  It is also a direct confirmation that Joshua did exactly as he had been instructed to do. He did exactly what Moses had written in Deuteronomy. He built that altar on Mount Ebal and proceeded to proclaim the blessing and cursing just as it says in (NASB) Joshua 8: 34, “Then afterward he read all the words of the Law, the blessing and the curse, according to everything that is written in the Book of the Law.”

This new archeological discovery is yet another way to disprove the skeptics. Whether they are academia’s elites or the lay person interested in archeology, they all must recognize the truth that the Biblical commentators of yester year were correct in saying Moses was the author of the Book of the Law and it wasn’t some later group writing a fictitious account of Israel’s history during the Babylonian captivity.

In the simplest terms, Biblical detractors don’t have a leg to stand on. The same way as the old lie about King David being only a myth has been disproven; with this new information, the old lie about Moses not being the author of the first five books of the Bible is no longer legitimate. Christians can loudly proclaim the Bible is Truth. The same Truth Jesus proclaimed in John 14: 6 “Jesus said to him, ‘I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me.” The statement at the beginning of this article has again been proven. In archeological terms, ‘an absence of evidence is not an evidence of absence.’