The social sicknesses and societal ills continue its downward spiral. As evidence, the blog post “What is Truth,” addressed the transgressions of Planned Parenthood being caught performing the ghoulish activity of selling baby parts. Even more bizarre is how Planned Parenthood then found a way to use the courts to indict the individuals who caught them in the act of their ghoulish behavior.

Fast forward in time to the issue of illegal immigration. It’s become the latest picture of judicial maleficence, proving the corruption of the judicial system. Take the case of Kate Steinle who was shot and killed on a pier in California. The perpetrator was an illegal immigrant with a prior record and had already been deported 5 times for breaking US laws. To my understanding, he was charged with illegally owning a firearm and due to liberal San Francisco’s sanctuary city rules, has not even been deported. That is so wrong on so many levels.

The latest case is the wrongful death of the young woman from Iowa, Mollie Tibbets. It appears her death was at the hands of another illegal alien who is trying to claim he has the right to be in this country. What is outrageous is that US Senator Elisabeth ‘fauxahauntus’ Warren has said – and I’m paraphrasing, “While it is shameful that this woman was killed, we must remember the larger issue of the current laws where there’s a possibility of illegal immigrants being separated from their children.” So I guess the family of Miss Tibbets isn’t experiencing the separation and loss in a more permanent nature?  There are other examples to numerous to list here about the current corrupt world we inhabit.

What is apparent is that the judicial system in this country is broken. It is apparent that the leadership of the democrat party and a large number within the republican party has an agenda contrary to what is good, right and decent. Can all of the damage being done by the courts and the corruption within our government be repaired?

This vile corruption has a name, they call themselves Progressives. An alternative title for this ominous group is called post-modernism. It’s major tenet says that “the truth” is what you make it. These progressives use their political power and the power of the courts to subvert the will of the people in order to bring about a one world government.To think that one should live to see such times; it hurts the soul. How can the courts be so manipulated to even consider using a charge of  ‘false identity’ against the whistle-blowers? Since when is it the court’s rights to make up new rulings to usurp the laws allowing mass immigration by illegals? How or when did the evolution to progressive, post modernism overtake the court systems to use against individual freedom? Why have the vile, elite power mongers of our government become so brazen as to think that they, along with the corruption they promote, can’t be removed from government by we the people?

Fraudulent activities are normally perpetrated upon others for ill gotten, personal gain. In the current scenario the gain is not only personal wealth but to establish an ultimate power to rule the whole earth. Satan and his minions must be proud. I do not say this lightly. The news is also full of incidents of child trafficking and child abuse. This is a world wide phenomena and just the sort of devious actions that Satan would approve of. With post-modernism’s infiltration into our society and the loss of values it promotes, individuals need to actively resist this evil. In the realm of ideas and world views, believers must shine the light of Truth upon this wickedness. Christian apologists (you and I) need to stand up and proclaim the truths that:                                                                       First, there are standards man needs to live by. Second, humans can only know which standards are good by having an independent third way to measure right from wrong. Third, God is only one who can give us that outside, independent measuring device. Fourth, God wants only the best for man, that’s why He sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Then Christ was risen from the dead to show us that through Him we may have eternal life.

Ambassadorships wants to help everyone be prepared to proclaim this Truth and provide them with the tools to help them defend right from wrong. Otherwise we end up with a George Owellian, “1984” kind of world.

Regretfully, in today’s world, the perpetrators are the ones who appear to be winning. But, historically, this is not the first time. It is time to fight these atrocities. I would like to close this admonition about the deviant, uncontrolled courts and the unjust, privileged, progressive political elites with an appropriate quote from Yogi Berra, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.”

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